Digitale Archive

The Brahms-Institut has been digitizing its holdings since 2003 and presenting them online. Digitization makes research easier and opens access to an interested public, while at the same time protecting the valuable, sometimes fragile originals. The digitization process has been funded by the Schleswig-Holstein government with around 300,000 Euros.

Currently, around 41,000 digitized sources are available in a resolution of 1,200 dpi (photographs) or 400 dpi (autographs, letters, prints, etc.) and in TIFF and JPG formats. The objects are set apart from the margins and edges, to facilitate graphic use.

The presentation of the individual pages is independent of the data bank using static HTML galleries that only require a modern browser and Java script. Please activate Java Script to use the archive.

Overview of Archive Digitization

  • 2003 digitization of the photography collection, largely from the Brahms estate. 
  • 2006 digitization of the first and early editions of Brahms’ works
  • 2007 digitization of all program notes or books
  • 2008 digitization of all Brahms manuscripts, Stichvorlagen(engraving templates), and Brahms letters with numerous first editions of works dedicated to Brahms and personal documents.
  • 2010 digitization of musical manuscripts from the Brahms circle
  • 2012 digitization of first and early editions of the works of Robert Schumann
  • 2015/2016 digitization of the partial estate of Theodor Kirchner, a Brahms-friend.

Sources from the holdings of the Sammlung Hofmann are marked with the given inventory numbers (Inv.-Nr.) that begin with ABH (Altbestand Hofmann).
Please direct any questions or suggestions you might have to the music librarian, Stefan Weymar M.A..