Digital Brahms

Since 2003, digitization of the collection has focused on the collection’s Brahms holdings. The Brahms-Institut first digitized its extensive collection of photographs, which largely came from Brahms’ estate. This was followed in 2006 by the complete first and early editions of Brahms works, with over 11,000 individual pages. Now, the especially valuable core pieces of the Lübeck collection can be accessed around the world, including the composer’s musical manuscripts, letters, and his address book. 

In addition, around 55 engraving templates of Brahms works, that include alterations made by the composer himself, a collection of more than 200 concert programs from Brahms’ lifetime, and 100 compositions dedicated to Brahms show the wide horizon of the institute’s collection. Numerous album sheets and musical manuscripts from Brahms’ surroundings whet our curiosity for composers and works today forgotten.

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